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Historic All Saints Episcopal Church and Cemetery


All Saints Episcopal Church is Blessed by a Modest Sized but Close and Active Congregation

Oakley Hall Available for Public Rentals


Spacious and Accommodating Oakley Hall's Main Hall is 40' x 60' with Great Windows and Natural Lighting as Well as Overhead Florescent Lighting. It has HVAC for Year Round Heating and Cooling for Events. It Has a Completely Equipped Full Kitchen. The Hall Has Large Clean Separate Men's and Women's Restrooms. The Grounds Support Ample Parking with Full ADA Accessibility with Ramp Access to Main Entryway and Within the Building.

Oakley Hall Rentals Perfect for Community Events, Large Family Gatherings, Large Parties with Friends, Music with a Spacious Dancing Floor, and Fundraising Events


Contact Nancy Zearfoss, Treasurer at 301-769-3125 Home, 703-455-6616 Cell, and nzearfoss@gmail.com for Price and Availability 21656 Oakley Rd., Avenue

Historic All Saints Church Building Restoration Project


All Saints Church Building Restoration

All Saints Church is in the Process of Restoration, and while NOT in Use for Sunday Services, All Saints Conducts Sunday Services at its Oakley Parish Hall a Short Distance from the Church


Come Join Us In the Restoration and Contribute to the Restoration

Come Join with Us and Get Involved with This Great Restoration Project with Your Interest and Support. We Look Forward to Recovering and Opening the Time Capsule. Please Help Us Restore the Historic All Saints Church Building. You May Make Your Generous Tax Exempt Donation to the "Church  Restoration Fund" and address it to All Saints Episcopal Church, Oakley Parish, P.O. Box 307, Avenue, Maryland 20609


All Saints Restoration Announcements and Updates

On Sunday March 31st the All Saints Junior Warden, Jack Pratt, Restoration Administrator, Met with Donald Cropp (Colony Builders) and Both Reached an Agreement to Have Mr. Cropp Lead and Manage the Restoration of All Saints Episcopal Church! All Saints is Very Excited to Have Mr. Cropp, an Award-winning Expert in Restoration, Take on This Project! https://www.colonybuildersmd.com/

For More Information or to Comment Contact Jack Through this Website, and 

Follow the Restoration Details and Our Progress on this Webpage

 and Our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/officialsite2019/


The All Saints Story

The All Saints History

All Saints Episcopal Church Oakley Parish 

All Saints' Church is an Episcopal Church in the diocese of Washington, D.C. It was established in 1642 by Sir Thomas Gerard, a Roman Catholic, for his Anglican wife as a "Chapel of Ease". The first Church was built on the site in 1750 and called Tomakoken Church after the nearby creek. In 1823, the Church became known as All Saints' Church of King and Queen Parish now Oakley Parish. The present church building was constructed in 1846. "A more peaceful spot would be difficult to find than the little church and cemetery," wrote Robert E. T. Pogue, in his book "Old Maryland Landmarks" - how very true - and therein the All Saints Cemetery lies Robert, resting in peace.

The Holy Eucharist is celebrated each Sunday at 10:00am.

Father Harry Harper has well served as Rector and still conducts services.

For further information, please contact: 

Bruce Blackistone, Senior Warden, All Saints Episcopal Church

(301) 769-2627 Home 301-247-3996 Cell and Ask for Bruce

Saving and Restoring the All Saints Church Building

WE who cherish All Saints Church in Avenue, Maryland are dedicated to saving and restoring this historic building. All Saints is a testament to the principles of religious tolerance and religious freedom practiced by the predominantly Catholic community. Many of the stained glass windows in the current Church, some over 150 years old, were given in honor of well-known families of St. Mary's County, and the cemetery is truly ecumenical providing a final resting place for those of Episcopal, Catholic, and other denominations. Saving and restoring this historic religious landmark is a way of honoring and preserving those principles of religious tolerance and religious freedom established by the wisdom and grace of our Catholic forebears for future generations.

We are in need of assistance as we move forward in our efforts to save and restore this beautiful Church and we welcome all contributions. We would be pleased to provide more information about our plans and discuss several unique opportunities to recognize donors as we proceed with our restoration efforts, and please feel free to contact Bruce or Jack.

We Are All Saints

The All Saints Church Congregation Consists of the Vestry Leadership Team of Bruce Blackistone, Senior Warden; Jack Pratt, Junior Warden; Dr. Nancy Lord Zearfoss, Treasurer; and Richard Lord, Registrar and Editor of the Bulletin & Newsletter; Vestry members Chris Brownrigg,  Joanne Glandon, and Myra Hughes; and All Saints Member Chuck Brownrigg plus others. 

"Though She Be But Little, She is Fierce" in the Service of the Lord, All Saints Church, and to One Another.

A Midsummers Night's Dream

William Shakespeare 

What's Happening at All Saints

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Upcoming Sunday Service

Easter Services

Each Sunday at 10:00am at Oakley Hall.

Coffee Hour Follows Services.

Bible Study



Bible Study to be announced  with all welcome. Call 301-769-2627 for more details.

All Saints Notices


There is a new website entitled "Comprehensive Guide to the 7th District" www.7thDistrict.org that showcases All Saints Church, the Church restoration, and Oakley Hall

Upcoming Public Oakley Hall Events


BYOB Holiday Dance with Live Band Music at Oakley Hall on Sat. Dec. 21st from 8-12pm

Alpha Group


Stay Tuned

All Saints Holy Eucharist Bulletin

Twenty-Third Sunday After Pentecost Bulletin Sunday Service (pdf)


Twenty-Third Sunday After Penetcost Bulletin Lay Ministry Page (pdf)


Priest's Message by the Immediate Past Priest Rev. Harry Harper

Give Thought to the Kingdom of God

     When Jesus, shortly before his crucifixion, was questioned by the official governmental representative of the Roman Empire, Pontius Pilate asked him, "Are you the King of the Jews?" Jesus answered, "My kingdom is not  of this world; if my kingdom was of this world my servants would fight, that I not be handed over to the Jews …" 

     Not of this world. So we live in two worlds. Every day we wake up to live our lives under a secular government, which we helped to elect. We live, breath, work and love and if necessary will fight and die for that portion of this world where we live.

     As Christians we also are citizens of another world. The world of the Kingdom of God. Baptism is when we entered God's Kingdom. Our baptism introduced us to the possibility of a life of conflict. It's easy to forget to which kingdom we owe the greater loyalty. When confronted with the conflict it's ours to decide. 

     Here's a poem along that line by an Anglican layman and influential churchman, John Oxenham.

"To every man there openeth

A way, and ways, and a way.

The high should climbs the high way,

The low soul gropes the low,

And in between, on the misty flats

The rest drift to and fro.

But to every man there openeth

A high way, and a low.

And every man decideth

The way his should shall go"

The Reverend Harry Harper


All Saints Newsletter

Upcoming Sunday Services

Rev. Shawn Strout shall conduct Sunday services and fellowship with us on November 17th at 10:00am at Oakley Hall. 


All Saints Services, Events, & Activities Calendar

No upcoming events.

All Saints Restoration Progress & Photos

North Wall Restoration


Restoration from the Ground Up


Why We Are Restoring All Saints


Foundation & Wall Restoration


Shooring Up The Foundation


Thank You Don Cropp



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All Saints Episcopal Church Oakley Parish

21656 Oakley Raod, Avenue, Maryland

(301) 769-2627 Home 301-247-3996 Cell and Ask for Bruce


"Jesus Saith Unto Him, I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life: No Man Cometh Unto the Father But By Me" John 14:6 KJV